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About the School

1. Multimedia Art College

The Multimedia Art College is a quite new school of tercial level. It has been accredited by the Ministry of Education in the Czech Republic in January 2001. The study programm was originally developed in cooperation with Film Academy in Prague, Department of Animation. Programm was later split and focused into Graphic Design and Photography, Animation, Moviemaking and Game Art. We cooperate closelly with large profesional studios in each branch of study. Recently, we have got a new partners for Game specialization, companies 2K Czech and Bohemia Interactive. The College is located in  Dvorakova street, no 5. in the center of city Jihlava.

Education Program: 82-43-N/03 Multimedia Art Production

Form and length of studies: three‑year full-time studies

Accredited capacity of the school: 60 students

Age of students: 18+

The Graduate Profile

A Graduate of the study programm Multimedia Art Production will have enough knowledge and skills to do many types of art professions, which are connected with the latest information technology trends and with the forming of a new computer branch – “digital art”.

Multimedia Art Production includes specializations: Graphic Design and Photography, Animation, Moviemaking and Game Art.

Digital media brings a perfect connection of the real world pictures and virtual world and this way opens new possibilities for multimedia visualization to all areas. The development of digital multimedia creates more and more jobs. There is usually shortage of qualified for these jobs. It is a real problem even in developed countries. Our graduate will have sufficient knowledge to work successfully in these proffesions.

Talent entrance exams

Students who have received highshool education can study at Multimedia Art College.

The study is art and estetic‑intensive therefore the students have to pass talent entrance exam before they start their studies.

Students are supposed to be art –talented, to have creative talent and art history and cultural view. Basic knowledge of computer graphics is also an advantage.

The Multimedia Art college will send further information after receiving the one´s application form. We suggest him/her to take the first terms for the entrance exams.


Graduation at Art College

1.foreign language

2. specialized exams – theory

-          history of art

-         theory of graphic design/photography/animation/moviemaking/game - depending on specialization of the study

 3. final exam project and its presentation together with showing practical skills


 -          2D and 3D graphic production companies and studios

-          TV and film studios

-           game production companies

-          advertising agencies and promotional departments

-          engineer´s office and software companies

-          University studies


The graduates also set up their own firm with multimedia production, e.g:

-          web pages

-          multimedia training presentation and animated advertising promotional TV and film production

-          computer games, static and animated 3D reality, etc.

-          the graduates can continue in their studies at universities in Czech Republic or abroad


School web-page address:


            secondary school        www.susg.cz

            college                         www.vosg.cz


2. Secondary Graphic Art School

Secondary Graphic Art School was established in 1993. The secondary school is a member of the officially supported schools by Ministry of Education in the Czech Republic and it is accredited for a quality highschool education.

 Educational Programm: 82-41-M/007 Advertising Graphics

Form and length of studies: four year full time studies

Accredited capacity of the school: 300 students

Age of students: 15 - 20

 The students are prepared for the final exams and for following studies at universities, as well as for the entrance to the real,professional life. Beside the theory subjects the students study painting,drawing, graphics, pottery, modeling and promotion.Computer graphics supports the main intention of this art school – to teach the students not only to make art but also to be able to present their work and sell it cost effectively. The secondary art school is situated in a beautiful,renovated four –storey building with  bright classrooms and art studios. You can admire students´art production in the school lobbies and listen to the high quality relaxation music from satellite. The carpets on the floors enable students to stretch themselves and fully enjoy their breaks. In the school there are eight classrooms and a study room,a depository, an office, teachers´ offices, a staffroom and other social settlements. All these rooms are linked by a beautiful wooden staircase and by a lift. A big garden and newly purchased building that will be used as a gym also belong to school. The whole building and all the art studios are secured by an electronic device. Each student has a chip card for the entrance to the school and art buildings. Complex  audio-video technique is an essential part of each class equipment. Each classroom has got a computer with internet connection without any length limitation of communication since the school year 2000-2001.

A second building – building of art studios was bought in 1994 and it has 56 rooms. Moreover, 3 large studios for painting with upper light and one “winter garden” grew the attic. In the cellar there is a warmed cloakroom, a screen printing workshop, ceramic stove and glaze digestor. Entry yard is arranged in the style of Japanese garden At present, 15 complexed equipped art studios: graphics, painting, drawing, photo gallery, laboratory, pottery, printing studios are available in this building.

Wednesday, 09 November 2016 14:37 Tomáš Gryc
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